Facebook Ads Campaign 101

facebook ads campaign 101 how to start with Stellar Blue ai

How Facebook Ads Work

The path to creating a successful Facebook Ads campaign starts with understanding how they work. Watch this video to learn more about the foundation of Facebook Ads and how you can leverage that to your advantage throughout your campaign..

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Whether your goals are to create brand awareness and drive traffic, building your audience or conversion based, Facebook Advertising can be efficient and effective for businesses across nearly every industry. Find out what makes the difference and how to get started by watching this video. 

Why Facebook Ads are Effective

Learn more about why Facebook advertising should be included in any paid advertising strategy. 

Structuring Your Facebook Ads Campaigns

If you’re just getting started with Facebook advertising, check out this video for some helpful tips insights on how campaigns are structured within the Facebook Ads Manager. 

Creating An Ad Set In Facebook Ads Manager

Ad sets are the secret behind creating successful campaigns. In this video, we cover setting daily budgets, and geo-targeting and examine the different placements you can use within your campaigns. 

Creating A Target Audience For Facebook Ads Campaigns

Your campaign’s effectiveness relies heavily on the audience you create within your ad sets. In this video we discuss how to use you site data, competitive analysis, and some free tools that you can use to get started with creating an interest based audience. 

How to Create a Facebook Ad

Creating and testing different ads will also impact the overall effectiveness of your campaign. We’ll walk you through how to set up your ads and discuss which ad types are the most effective. 

Increasing Your Facebook Ad Campaign Efficiency

In this video, we take a deeper dive into leveraging multiple Facebook campaigns to increase efficiency with your marketing spend and business growth. 

Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks

Check out these helpful tips and tricks to optimize your Facebook campaigns. 

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