Embracing the Future of AI-Powered Marketing with StellarBlue.ai

Brad Vanlerberghe & Lauren Welter Stellar Blue AI Marketing team rebrand

We at StellarBlue.ai recently underwent a rebrand to reflect our priorities with developing and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Our marketing team has been working to integrate AI into our daily routine and align our efforts for Stellar Blue’s vision for the future.

Embracing AI for Enhanced Marketing Creativity and Efficiency:

One of the key takeaways from our marketing team is the emphasis on using AI as a tool to empower creativity, not replace it.

“We start looking for tools that can accomplish repetitive tasks, help with brainstorming and idea generation. Finding if there are tools out there that will help us accomplish our work better and faster.” 

Our goal as a marketing department is to leverage AI to free up time for strategic thinking and the human-centered aspects of marketing, the things we do best. 

Maintaining the Human Touch:

Our marketing team believes the importance of maintaining a consistent brand voice and personality even while leveraging AI tools. We achieve this through careful selection of tools and a human-in-the-loop approach:

“We use a variety of internal tools in which we are able to upload our own documents and past content and train the AI to utilize our unique brand voice.” Brad Vanlerberghe further emphasizes,

“Any content that starts with AI ends with our own editing and thoughts added into it. Our team now has more time to curate pieces of content with big picture ideas.”

Brad Vanlerberghe from Stellar Blue AI Lead Marketer

Brad Vanlerberghe, Marketing Lead for StellarBlue.ai

Educating Clients on AI: 

Recognizing that many clients might have questions or concerns about AI, our StellarBlue.ai team prioritizes education and transparency.

Our clients have noted interest and also confusion around AI, and this was something Stellar Blue noticed as a need in our local communities. We needed to bring education and further support our clients in the digital space.” By bringing educational and informative content to our audiences, we are able to show our clients the capabilities AI has to offer. Our team aims to empower clients to make informed decisions and confidently embrace the potential of AI for their own business strategies. 

We are fully committed to providing the education and confidence navigating the ever-evolving landscape of AI-powered business solutions that our clients need to succeed. To stay informed with AI business topics we encourage you to sign-up for communications from our team regarding the latest technologies and applications of AI.

A Look Ahead: AI’s Evolving Role In Marketing:

Our team is excited about the future of AI in marketing. We envision AI becoming even more sophisticated, allowing for hyper-personalized customer experiences, further predictive analytics, and real-time data insights. 

“As the digital space continues to transform with the adoption of AI, we want to be able to help our clients understand these new technologies; this has been Stellar Blue’s core mission for many years.”

Key Takeaways for Marketers:

  • Start small: Explore free AI tools and existing features in your current platforms, as suggested by Lauren Welter:

“Look at current platforms, softwares, and tools being used by your business. Did they add any sort of AI feature? This can be a great starting place. Also be sure to utilize free versions of AI tools! ChatGPT, Google Gemini, etc.” 

Lauren Welter from Stellar Blue AI Marketing Team

Lauren Welter, AI Consultant for StellarBlue.ai

  • Focus on education: Make AI accessible and understandable for your clients and address any concerns they might have, as Brad Vanlerberghe emphasizes: “Education was highly important and needed a strong focus. We want to inform people about AI, what it can do, and how it can help them.”

  • Maintain human oversight: Use AI as a tool to enhance your work, not replace your expertise and creativity: “We plan to ensure that AI remains a tool that empowers our creativity rather than restricts it.”

By using artificial intelligence strategically to enhance creativity, improve efficiency, and empower clients, we aim to maximize its capabilities for business success. While AI offers a powerful toolkit, the human touch remains irreplaceable. This human-centered approach ensures that AI serves as a multiplier for our marketing efforts, not a replacement for the strategic thinking and creative problem-solving that define our team.  

Are you ready to harness the power of AI to propel your business to new heights? Contact StellarBlue.ai today and let’s discuss your business goals.

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