9 Logo Design Tips to Create a Stellar Logo

Tips to Stellar Logo design and graphic design services by Stellar Blue AI

Do Your Design Research

When it comes to logo design you will want to make sure you do your research, and become aware of the common trends in logo design with your competition, in your industry, and in your geographic area.

Avoid Design Fads

Avoid design fads to create a logo that won’t be outdated quickly and will last a lifetime.

Use Custom Fonts For A Unique Look

Use custom typography to create a memorable and unique look.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key for a memorable and impactful logo.

Use Negative Space To Your Advantage

Utilize negative space as a clever way to integrate symbolism into your logo.

Pick Your Colors Carefully

Pick your colors carefully and thoughtfully, be aware of the emotions and symbolism each color represents and make sure it aligns with your brand and your mission.

Create A Scalable Logo

Ensure your logo works on a small scale, or create a scalable logo design. This allows for versatility of placement on various applications.

Avoid Generic Typefaces

Avoid using a generic and forgettable typeface.

Take Your Time & Get It Right

Logo design takes time, iterate until you get it right.


Our Logo Design Process

Creative Discovery

Research before logo design is essential. We research logos and designs used by competitors and local companies to see how we can make your logo stand out in the crowd.

Initial Concepting

We create three different concepts that utilize different techniques, typefaces, and colors in order to see what direction you like the best.

Concept Development

After narrowing down the style, typefaces, and colors we refine these concepts with small variations to narrow down our options to the final logo.

Finalization & Delivery

After we land on a final design we package your logo in different versions such as full color, one color, and a white version. We also export these options in many file types so you are able to use your logo anywhere.

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