Christ the rock

Website Design & Development

Christ the Rock Church approached Stellar Blue Technologies with the need for a total website redesign. Their biggest challenge was determining how to help people truly feel the experience of being a member of the parishioner community while simultaneously highlighting the many services the Church has to offer.

What We Did

  • Refreshed the website design to extend the in-person sense of community into a virtual space while making their services easily accessible for all ages
  • Highlighted unique offerings such as their Fireside Cafe, Outreach, and Missions
  • Innovated a robust user interface to provide information for both new and current church members
  • Integrated a user permission system that allows staff to grant volunteers access to add content directly to the site

Special Features

  • Custom Stellar Blue photography and videography is incorporated throughout the entire site to give users a personalized experience
  • Simplified navigation allowing people of all ages to maneuver through the website with ease 
  • Incorporated eye-catching inter-page videos for the church’s Fireside Cafe that makes you want to grab a cup of coffee and connect with fellow followers
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