SEO Audit & Competitor Analysis

When was the last time you had an SEO Audit done for your website? Google’s continual updating of their Search algorithms leaves older websites vulnerable to poor performance with search results. Having a new website that nobody sees will not help your business, which is why all of our redesigns incorporate additional time and planning that focuses on improving Organic Search performance for our clients. 

Corrim SEO Search Engine Optimization case study by Stellar Blue Technologies serving website design and SEO services

What We Did

Our one-time SEO update will assess the website copy as well as the backend code to make sure it meets Google’s latest standards. Once the new site is completed we’ll submit an updated version of your site directly to Google to improve your Search performance.

For example, CORRIM: 3 months before launch: 69 new users from Google Search. 3 months post-launch: 2800 new users from Google Search. 

The 3 months prior to us launching their redesigned site they averaged 0.72 visitors/day Since our new website launched they now average 31.11 visitors/day. Same products, same services – the only difference is the SEO we incorporated into their build.