What is GIT for WordPress?

Git for wordpress is a system of version control for every aspect of your WordPress site including themes, plugins, the database, and uploads. The coding files that are saved on one user’s computer are open for collaboration with every other user within the network. This is called a distributed version control system (DVCS), and Git helps manage each version and the differences between them, Gitlab offers many resources to learn more about its versions.

Open-Source vs. Closed-Source

Git for WordPress is characterized as an “open-source” technology. The difference between closed-source and open-source technology is significant to the understanding of Git and its abilities. 

Closed-Source Technology

Often referred to as “proprietary technology” it’s owned by companies who have created it and generally, it has a cost associated with its usage. The rights to use and make modifications are restricted to the company’s purpose. Examples of closed-source projects are Microsoft Office and Apple software.

Open-Source Technology

This gives any user the ability to modify, share publicly and make available coding projects. 

There is no central “owner” of the coding files, as the rights are transferable to anyone who has them downloaded. Examples of open-source projects are WordPress and Android. 

How Does Git for WordPress Work?

At Stellar Blue Technologies, Git for WordPress has an important role in our development of coding projects. The work flow process can be summed up within 3 sections of Git.

Working Directory 

When the user is working on the project, that file is considered in the working directory. Files being worked on are in the “modified” state. Changes made by the user while in this state cannot be viewed by other users, as they are only saved to one computer. 

Staging Area

To prepare a file for being pushed into the project, it is first put into the staging area. Files within the staging area are in the “staged state”, and the information is ready to be pushed towards the git directory. This step can be surpassed, but it is put in place as a final review before saving to the blockchain.

Git Directory

This is the permanent blockchain of files that have passed through the staging area. These files are in the “committed state”. Any file that has reached this step can be found within the historical data from anyone within the network. It is common that users will utilize a tool like “GitHub” as a public repository or directory. This allows for other users to clone and branch off of the original project files. 

The Benefits 


Reliable Backups:

Git for WordPress is a tool that allows programmers to work collaboratively on coding projects without the need of a centralized server. This code is stored within a repository and can be cloned and downloaded by an unlimited number of users. Each user has the entire backup within their own repository. So unless there is only one copy of the repository, there is no single point of failure.

Added Security:

Blockchain technology is used to track changes made to the project. This means that once changes are made, they are permanently stored within the version history. This adds a layer of security to the code because every file, date, or other information can be verified through the version history. Bugs can be easily found in open-source code because of the amount of users that are working on the project. 

100% Accuracy: 

Every version of the project within Git is labeled and has its permanent place within the blockchain. Previous versions can be accessed, but cannot be rewritten within the blockchain. Modifications to a previous version of the project must be recreated within a new version. This allows developers to see the progress of the project throughout its lifetime or go back to historical versions. 


Git for WordPress assists the ability for teams to collaborate on coding projects with reliable backups, added security, and 100% accuracy. For our team, this is especially helpful while working on projects simultaneously. We can work together without the chance of overwriting each other’s progress. How does Git help your work processes? 

Have any questions about Git for WordPress? Reach us below.

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Avoid Design Fads

Avoid design fads to create a logo that won’t be outdated quickly and will last a lifetime.

Use Custom Fonts For A Unique Look

Use custom typography to create a memorable and unique look.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key for a memorable and impactful logo.

Use Negative Space To Your Advantage

Utilize negative space as a clever way to integrate symbolism into your logo.

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Our Logo Design Process


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Initial Concepting

We create three different concepts that utilize different techniques, typefaces, and colors in order to see what direction you like the best.


Concept Development

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