Driving Traffic with Email Marketing Tactics

email marketing to drive traffic and awareness by Stellar Blue AI

Prepare Your Website

There are several ways to interpret that headline. We aren’t just talking about making sure that your site is backed up and can handle the increased traffic during the holiday time period. Although those are two important pieces to keep in mind, there’s an even larger issue to tackle. 

Optimizing Your Product Pages!

As an eCommerce retailer, there is no more important pages than those which you are actually selling! You can take this even further and include your category pages, but we only have so much time, so let’s stick to the product pages. These pages are the ones that you want highly-ranking for specific keywords and should inform your customer as much as possible about their potential purchase. 

These pages should include: 
  • Multiple Product Images
  • Enhanced Product Descriptions
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Shipping and Return Information
  • Product Recommendations
If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help optimize your category and product pages contact us now.

Driving Awareness & Traffic

I’m sure you’ve sat through a meeting with an agency and liked what they had to say, but you really only had one burning question. That question, “How much does it cost?” For some businesses they can afford to promote their businesses through paid advertising others aren’t as lucky. But, during the holidays getting your products in front of potential buyers should be your number one goal! There are plenty of ways to utilize both paid and organic channels with success. 

The great thing about digital marketing is that, when used properly, there are literally hundreds of ways to promote your products EFFICIENTLY

Using these two tactics can help increase your sales during the holidays this year. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is the channel that will drive the highest return on investment for your business. There are several tactics within this channel that we could discuss, but let’s focus on just a couple. 

First, incentivizing sign-ups for your weekly/monthly newsletter is a common practice. Leveraging that audience throughout the holidays with special offers and flash sales can help drive a positive return on investment (ROI).

Secondly, if you’re not automating emails based on customer interaction on your site… it’s time to start! Tracking customers on your site can help you automate emails to users that abandon their carts or create a post-purchase drip email marketing campaign requesting feedback about their experience on your site, a product review or make that customer a repeat buyer with product recommendation emails. 

If your not fully leveraging an email marketing platform or looking for a different platform, our customizable platform offers you more flexibility than its competitors at an affordable rate. Contact us now to learn more! 

Social Media

It’s easy enough to understand the reach that is available through social media channels. Organic posts can help increase awareness of your BFCM sales and products specific offers.

Let’s focus on Facebook specifically. With the recent changes in the Facebook algorithm your organic reach only makes up about 2% of your pages footprint. Meaning that Facebook wants you to lean heavily on paid promotion.

Facebook Ads can be used to retarget your current site visitors or acquire new customers. There are also several ways to creatively promote your products to them or even set up a revenue stream directly on the platform. What’s better, you don’t need a a huge monthly budget to do it! Contact a Strategist now to learn more!

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