Elexco Inc.

Website Design & Development

Elexco is a state-of-art underground contracting company that provides their clients with the best contracting services in Wisconsin. Stellar Blue played a huge role in ensuring that they showcase their products and services in the most efficient manner possible. We built their website to show off their highly-specialized skills such as utility installation and excavation while optimizing their customer user experience.

What We Did

  • Maximized user experience with enticing design.
  • Shared Elexco’s story, experience, and abilities.
  • Increased leads with improved contact information forms.
  • Created an eye-catching “Request a Quote” floating button.
  • Established brand credibility with prominent contact information.

Special Features

  • Developed distinguished services so their users know exactly how they can help.
  • Highlighted an engaging careers section to build a pipeline of skilled personnel.
  • Incorporated Elexco Pride to showcase their teams positive impact on the community.
  • Expressed the raw personality of Elexco through immersive visualization.
  • Streamlined lead generation marketing services with optimized website tracking for a seamless user inquiry process.
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