Amada Machinery

Website Design & Development

Amada Machinery has brought top-quality work with exceptional grinding and sawing solutions for more than 70 years.  With our Amada Machinery web design,  Stellar Blue has kept this grandfathered company up-to-date by creating and developing an adaptive website that gets better with time.

What We Did

  • Created a compelling and responsive e-commerce website interface.
  • Tailored the website to the unique needs of Amada Machinery America, Inc.
  • Developed amazing visuals inspired by Amada’s services and products.
  • Offered educational content to visitors about Amada Machinery America, Inc.
  • Made it extremely easy for customers to find and purchase products when locating or contacting distributors.

Special Features

  • Utilized WordPress capabilities with CRM’s, portals, intranets, and more.
  • SEO optimized website to increase Google Search Engine rank.
  • Distributors are able to login and purchase equipment.
  • Made online ordering easy with a seamless checkout process.
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