Website Design & Development

TweetGarot has been dedicated to continuous improvement since 1897. We at Stellar Blue worked to craft a website that displays their ideas of continuous improvement. This new site reflects the professional nature of TweetGarot and the personal feel of a business with headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

What We Did

  • Created a compelling and responsive website interface.
  • Found ways to include the unique needs of TweetGarot.
  • Developed amazing visuals inspired by TweetGarot’s products and services.
  • Offered educational content to visitors about the machines and process of TweetGarot.
  • Made it extremely easy for customers to get in touch with points of contact for conversion.

Special Features

  • Utilized WordPress capabilities with CRM’s, portals, intranets, and more.
  • SEO optimized website to increase Google Search Engine rank.
  • In-depth stories detailing construction projects, connected to respective service pages.
  • Dynamic testimonials that shift with respective service pages.
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