Morton LTC

Website Design & Development

Established in 1932, Morton LTC is an independent fourth-generation family-owned Wisconsin pharmacy that prioritizes the health of their community. Stellar Blue had the honorable task of ensuring Morton LTC was able to reach their customers in an orderly and professional fashion while expressing their true brand identity.

What We Did

  • Designed a responsive interactive display
  • Developed a smooth user interface to maximize ease-of-use
  • Expressed their intrinsic brand identity through vibrant colors and imagery
  • Promoted a sense of trust with prominent contact information
  • Immersed users with engaging infographics and imagery

Special Features

  • Powered through WordPress with additional customer functionality allowing our client to make edits and changes whenever they please.
  • Inclusive hands-on training for maximum results.
  • Dynamic animation for images, text buttons, and headings.
  • Google analytics tracking to measure key insights on visitors and traffic
  • Interactive call button feature
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