Clarity Care

Website Design & Development

Clarity Clare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care to adults with disabilities or limitations. Their mission to serve others has led them to join forces with Stellar Blue Technologies to create a new, custom website that properly reflects their values. 

What We Did

  • Incorporated bright and vibrant colors to encourage a happy feeling while maximizing readability with contrast
  • Improved user experience by organizing information in logical sequences
  • Highlighted key services such home care solutions, Heritage Court Apartments, and classes to promote accessibility
  • Created a captivating user interface by adding high-quality, professional photography and video elements

Special Features

  • Adjustable font size option was added to better cater to all possible audiences, including those with disabilities or the visually impaired
  • Dynamic featured tab connects Heritage Court Apartments with its separate subsite meaning apartment searchers have a more personalized experience
  • Simplified menu navigation which allows users to easily find what they’re looking for
  • Developed custom systems which allows users to access things such as Pay My Bill, Donations, and Volunteering
  • Integrated “Job Application” functionality
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