Beacon Technologies

Website Design & Development

Founded in 1998 on the foundation of the Midwest values of hard work, honesty, loyalty, and pragmatism, Beacon Technologies offers business and IT staffing, as well as IT consulting of the highest caliber. Their dedication to excellence has led them to team up with Stellar Blue Technologies to develop a brand new, custom website they can proudly show job seekers and visitors.

What We Did

  • Designed a refreshed appearance that focuses on simplicity and easy navigation
  • Improved user experience with organized information
  • Streamlined the user path to their open positions and the advanced Careers page 
  • Personalized custom interior page templates and designs to match brand personality

Special Features

  • Incorporated a fresh brand new logo featuring their well-known lighthouse theme
  • Appealing brand personality elements sprinkled throughout the website
  • Enacted effective submission forms to maximize the careers section results
  • Immersive videos and picture capabilities 
  • Dynamic Google structure data and geolocation
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