Appleton Parks & Rec

Appleton Website Design & Development

Appleton Parks & Rec in Appleton, Wisconsin, provides a vast amount of information and resources to the Appleton community. Stellar Blue incorporated all of their fun and interactive activities onto the website. This makes it easy for people to figure out what they’d like to do with their day no matter the season.

What We Did

  • Customized an informative website with user experience at the forefront
  • Hot topics section just allows for easy access to some of the most common areas of Appleton
  • Ensured that the community was top-of-mind around the entire website
  • Seamless navigation which includes category drop downs for ease of use

Special Features

  • Integrated Instagram post directly onto the website
  • Showcased their positive impact on the community with a custom “Our Impact In Numbers” section
  • Implemented a seamless newsletter sign up
  • Developed an easy-access activity registration
  • Added both payment and wishlist options
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