Appleton Downtown

Website Design & Development

Appleton Downtown, Inc. (ADI) is a not-for-profit community coalition dedicated to an economically strong, safe, attractive, and exciting downtown. Stellar Blue ensured that Appleton’s website synchronized with their goals of keeping downtown exuberant.

What We Did

  • Customized an interactive web design in which Appleton Downtown’s exuberant vibe is portrayed and felt as if you were in the videos and images
  • Included upcoming events, news, and areas such as: lodging and living, coffee shops and dining, live music, the ADI store, and more
  • Encompassed sponsor marquee and contact information sections
  • Incorporated search features and business directory allowing the visitor to get to their desired information quickly

Special Features

  • Custom designed user interface gives your customers a pristine experience
  • WordPress development services that prioritizes a functional and flawless design
  • Google Map Integration which allows customers to search directions
  • E-Commerce integration to include seamless payment options
  • Custom business directory that allows your users to find what they need
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